SnapMath is an Android app developed in Android Studio using Kotlin. Take a picture of a math equation and it will solve it for you. Got a bad Camera? You can write the equation and it will solve that for you too! Can’t speak english ? It is multilingual with over 10+ Languages

iOS Version:


The app uses two powerful 3rd party APIs to bring you enhanced math solving capabilities. The first being the scanning API which converts any equation into readable latex, giving you 1000 free request to begin with then $0.0004 per request which can be covered by the in app purchase feature in the app. The second being the solving API which solves a countless number of math problems starting with 2000 free requests per month then $0.025 per request thereafter which can also be covered using the in app purchase feature

  • Main (.kt) Files
  • Math integration
  • Pictures
  • Icons
  • Logo
  • Documentation

Note: All images and icons are used for preview only and may not be included in the final purchase pack.

If you have any questions about customisation, please contact me via e-mail or through my profile page. I’ll help you as soon as possible. Script Advisors AFFILIATE DOSCLOSURE : This article may contain Affiliate links, It means if you click on some of the link I will get a small commissions.



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