ShreeQMSP is an incredible Queue Management System for pharmacy store and is meant to make the life easy by reducing waiting time of the customers. We know that long queues and waiting are among the prime causes of customers dissatisfaction at busy pharmacy counters. ShreeQMSP solve this problem with an ease. It also increases the revenue of the organisation by making them more systemized. In short it facilitates a seamless customer journey.

ShreeQMSP is a desktop windows based software and can easily work in a LAN environment. It is very easy to install and deploy with no expensive hardware.


Kiosk module is meant to issue token to the customer as per his purpose of visit.


Customer display module is meant to show the current and upcoming token no.


Counter software module is for the concerned operator.


A seperate menu is meant for the administrator and staff from which they can select the different part of the software.


MIS module helps the admin and staff to understand the various reports in summerised format using charts.

  • Multi counter based.
  • Assign role to the counters.
  • Eligent design.
  • Password protected login and logout system.
  • Easy to change password.
  • Overall MIS.
  • Individual MIS.
  • Advertisement display board helps to display latest discounts and important instructions to customers(Like covid19 social distancing and safeguarding tips).
  • If advertisement entry not made in the database, the kiosk and display board automatically switch over to display default quotes.
  • Can add/update and delete advertisement.
  • Can add/update and delete quotes.
  • Can increase or decrease the time of text scroller.
  • Can increase or decrease the time between advertisement slides.
  • Organisation tab can be used to feed the organisation details.
  • Users can be added from users tab.
  • Can select default kiosk printer from the automatically scanned printer list.
  • Kiosk part is meant to print token/tickets.
  • Only administrator can start and exit Kiosk.
  • Customer token display part is meant to display current/upcoming token no in process.
  • Automatically assign tickets/token to assigned counter.
  • Counter part is meant to solve the current ticket and jump over to next till it finishes.
  • Most of the code is SQL injection based and hence protected.
  • Easy to install and deploy.
  • Can easily work on 10 inch windows tablet and any laptop/pc.
  • Automatically adjust itself as per screen size (Minimum screen size should be 10 inch).

User ID : Administrator
Password: 123456

User ID : Staff
Password: 123456

  • .vb
  • .vbproj
  • .dll
  • .xml
  • .exe
  • .msi
  • .sql Script Advisors




Founder — Script Advisors, Co-Founder — Coding Visions Infotech Pvt.Ltd., Tea Club, Kadipatta, WordPress Developer.

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Akash Patharkar

Akash Patharkar

Founder — Script Advisors, Co-Founder — Coding Visions Infotech Pvt.Ltd., Tea Club, Kadipatta, WordPress Developer.

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