This FCM One-to-One Chat App. Is One to One Realtime Chat app. Develop using Android Studio, MySQL, PHP, and Firebase Cloud Messaging.
The FCM One-to-One Chat App supports features like add friends using email id, accept/ reject the request, last seen, user status, send images, emoticon supports, android push notification, forgot password

FCM One-to-One Chat App has Well commented code and proper documentation with screenshots included.

Download Demo APK and project at bellow link.

Get Source Code Here –

  • Real-Time One-To-One Chatting.
  • Last Seen.
  • Emoticon Supports.
  • Tablet support
  • Based on PHP 5 backend and MySQL for web services and firebase cloud messaging for notifications for receiving messages or friend requests or accept friend requests.
  • Storing the history of chats in the backend MySQL database and in local SQLite storage in the android device.
  • the main screen has 3 tabs or you can display one tab by editing settings and choose show in the menu
  • Friends list with circular image, name, and status.
  • Friend Requests list.
  • Send text, emoticons, images from the camera or gallery.
  • Add friends by email, accept or cancel friend requests.
  • The user can update his email, name, status, image, and password.
  • One-time login on the device using shared features.

1. Android Studio
2. Local or Webserver Script Advisors AFFILIATE DOSCLOSURE : This article may contain Affiliate links, It means if you click on some of the link I will get a small commissions.



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