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“Coursemat” is a Course Website SAAS

You can use Coursemat to build a multi-tenant course website within minutes.
The main website frontend is Multi-lingual & also RTL supported
You can create unlimited monthly / yearly / lifetime packages, control features for that packages. You can make a package Free, Trial, Premium or only free or only trial or only premium. You can set trial days for trial packages.

Users can purchase this packages & have a user dashboard to create Multilingual course website, unlimited vCards for them. User’s course websites, vCards are also RTL supported. They will also have other cool features like — Payment Gateways, Lesson Content Builder, Enrolment Report, Coupon , Advanced QR Builder, Drag & Drop Menu Builder, Popup Builder etc…. Users can also show their course website, vCards in their custom domain / subdomain (username.your_domain_name) / path based URL (your_domain_name/username)

Coursemat provides 10 automated payment gateways & unlimited offline gateways to collect membership payment — Paypal, Stripe, Mollie, Razorpay, PayTm, Instamojo, Flutterwave, Paystack, Mercado Pago,

Admin can also use some more cool features like — Drag & Drop Menu Builder, Popup Banner Builder etc… for main website

Online Documentation:


Main Website & Login Links:

Website Link:
Admin Login:
User / Tenant Login:
Tenant’s Student Login:

Tenant’s Course Website Demo Links:

Theme 1 (Subdomain Based URL):
Theme 1 (Custom Domain Based URL):
Theme 1 (Path Based URL):
Theme 2:
Theme 3:

Tenant’s vCard Demo Links:

Theme 1 (Subdomain Based URL):
Theme 1 (Custom Domain Based URL):
Theme 1 (Path Based URL):
Theme 2:
Theme 3:
Theme 4:
Theme 5:

10 Online Payment Gateways for Admin & Tenant (Unlimited Offline / Manual / Bank Available too)

Main Website & Admin Panel Features

– Multilingual Frontend
— RTL Supported Frontend
— Unlimited Pricing Plans (Free / Trial / Premium) (Monthly / Yearly / Lifetime)
— 10 Online Payment Gateways
— Unlimited offline payment gateways
— Custom Domains Management
— Subdomains Management
— Business Listing Page with Advanced Search
— Base Currency Setup
— Drag & Drop Menu Builder in Admin Dashboard
— Coupon During Registration
— Light & Dark Admin Dashboard
— Home Page Sections Hide / Show
— Base Color Settings
— Preloader, Logo, Favicon Upload
— Package Features Management
— Packages Management
— Package Upgrade / Downgrade from Admin
— Add User From Admin
— Email Templates
— Payment Logs
— Popup Builder with 7 Predefined Templates
— SEO Info Management
— Blogs, FAQ etc all website content management
— Custom Pages
— Registered Users Management
— Maintenance mode
— Admin / Role / Permission Management

Tenant Website & User Panel Features:

– Custom Domain
— Subdomain & Path Based URL
— 3 Tenant Course Website Templates
— Instructors
— Course Management — Course, Modules, Lessons, Lesson Content
— Drag & Drop Lesson Content Builder
— 5 Types of Lesson Contents — Video, File, Text, Code Snippet, Quiz
— Course Certificate
— Course Compliance — enforce video watching & quiz completion
— Coupon for Course
— Course Enrolment Report
— AWS S3 Storage
— Registered Users
— Advertisements
— Announcement Popups
— Maintenance Mode
— 10 Online Payment Gateways
— Unlimited Offline Gateways
— 10 vCard Templates
— Light & Dark Dashboard
— Advanced QR Builder to generate QR Code for any URL
— Saved QR Codes Management
— Multilingual vCards & RTL Support
— Multilingual Tenant Website Frontend
— RTL Supported Tenant Website Frontend
— disqus, whatsapp, AWS
— Package Purchase, Membership extend
— Base Color Settings
— Logo, Favicon etc… Upload
— SEO Info Management
— Hide / Show Home Sections
— Drag & Drop Menu Builder
— Custom Page Management
— FAQs, Blogs, etc… Management
— Followers / Followings

Admin Workflow:

– Add Languages
— Add Packages with Features
— Setup Payment Gateways
— Upload Language wise contents (FAQ, Blogs etc…)
— Manage Users

User Workflow:

– choose a package (premium / trial / Free) (monthly / yearly / lifetime)
— register & checkout
— verify email & login to dashboard
— add languages
— setup color, favicon, logo etc…
— Upload Course Content
— Setup Payment Gateways
— Sell Course & Earn Money

Server Requirements

Built with Laravel 8

– PHP >= 8.0.2
— BCMath PHP Extension
— Ctype PHP Extension
— Fileinfo PHP Extension
— JSON PHP Extension
— Mbstring PHP Extension
— OpenSSL PHP Extension
— PDO PHP Extension
— Tokenizer PHP Extension
— XML PHP Extension
— Imagick Extension
— GMP Extension
— Imagick Extension Script Advisors AFFILIATE DOSCLOSURE : This article may contain Affiliate links, It means if you click on some of the link I will get a small commissions.



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