WooCommerce B2B and WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin

And best of all, you can do them easily with a panel specially designed for e-commerce.

B2B Pro — Powerful WooCommerce B2B & WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin

B2B Groups

  • Choose which shipping methods will be active for each group
  • Choose which payment methods will be active for each group
  • Add special rules, discounts or product/category visibility settings for each group

Extend registration and billing form

  • Add unlimited registration types and link them to groups
  • Approve customers automatically or manually according to registration type
  • Create a separate registration form for B2B
  • Add VAT number to registration form

Product visibility

  • Hide categories by customer groups
  • Restrict shop page to visitors
  • Restrict the site completely to visitors
  • Put “Request a quote” button instead of “Add to cart”

Product pricing

  • Price tiers based on quantity
  • Show price tiers table on product page


  • Give special offers to the customer or the group
  • Track how many people viewed, added to the cart or purchased the offer

Request a quote

  • Add extra fields to the “Request a quote” and get additional information from customers.
  • Choose which groups can see the “Request a quote” button
  • Convert quotes to offers

Shipping methods management

  • Create rules for free shipping option

Payment methods management

  • Set the minimum and maximum order amount for the payment method
  • Get discount/surcharge for payment method
  • Show the discount amount in the payment method title


  • Adjust Price — Make discounts on the products or categories
  • Hide Price — Hide the prices of the products or categories
  • Step — Make it mandatory for the products you choose to be added to the cart in the form of X and its multiples
  • Minimum Order — Set minimum value or qty required to be in the cart in order to place an order
  • Maximum Order — Set maximum value or qty required to be in the cart in order to place an order
  • Free Shipping — Choose when the Free Shipping option will be active
  • Cart Discount — Make a discount on the cart
  • Add fee — Add an additional fee to the cart
  • Payment Method — Discount — Apply a discount for the payment methods you choose
  • Payment Method — Min & Max — Choose the minimum and maximum amounts for payment methods
  • Tax Exemption (Customer) — Tax exemption for the customers
  • Tax Exemption (Product) — Tax exemption for the products

Admin Panel/Theme

If you do not want to use this panel, you can turn it off at any time from the
B2B Pro > Settings > Features page and continue to use the classic WP Admin panel.

Or better: You can use the classic WP Admin panel and the B2B Pro Admin Panel at the same time!


Try Demo

Sample site to see how it works

Username: demo
Password: demo

https://scriptadvisors.com/b2b-pro-powerful-woocommerce-b2b-woocommerce-wholesale-plugin-nulled/ Script Advisors AFFILIATE DOSCLOSURE : This article may contain Affiliate links, It means if you click on some of the link I will get a small commissions.




Founder — Script Advisors, Co-Founder — Coding Visions Infotech Pvt.Ltd., Tea Club, Kadipatta, WordPress Developer.

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Akash Patharkar

Akash Patharkar

Founder — Script Advisors, Co-Founder — Coding Visions Infotech Pvt.Ltd., Tea Club, Kadipatta, WordPress Developer.

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